One of our biggest achievements this year was putting on our production of Hairspray! We performed at the Open Arts PAC.

2018 PRom

We had the time of our lives at our prom this year!

We performed at the Liberty Science Center For national school week as the chosen school in New Jersey.

We were requested to sing at the New Jersey Department of Education in January .

We performed an African Themed Dance at an African Party. 

January 10th: Notre Dame came to visit,Bringing fun activities and helping out in the classroom.

On January 16th  and 17th, we Took impromptu Class photos for Elementary school

On January 12th City Hall asked us to perform in which we sang three songs.

On Martin Luther King day, Another school volunteered.

February 9th, Notre Dame Came Back to Volunteer again

It was our 100th day of school so we dressed like we were a hundred years old and did Activities

on February 27th, we went on a trip to The Trenton Circus Squad.