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Upcoming this Year

For Sprout U School of the arts, this is our year! We have so much planned and with your (the parents) help,  the children will have a fantastic school year!

Be sure to check out the website for updates this year. It will be your glimpse into the school and the classrooms!

2017 is our Year!

This year, Ms. Sarah Dash (from Labelle) is  collaborating with Sprout U and the community for her own Youth Choir. Students will have a chance to audition during the school year. She will teach harmony, pitch, and provide lessons as well. 

Sarah Dash

We Won!

Sprout U was awarded A Grant to assist with some of our educational financial needs this school year. 

Sprout U students will have the opportunity to go on various auditions throughout the state. This year, they will be auditioning for "Twas' The Night Before Christmas at the Kelsey Theater.

Golf will be part of the curriculum this year as an extracurricular activity for the students. Some of the teachers were trained this year to assist with the gold program for preschool age and up.

This year, the students will participate in a culinary program to teach them how to cook as well as how to manipulate different kitchen appliances. 

Sprout U has partnered with "Black Girls Dive Foundation" so that the Sprouts are able to go diving! The students will get to experience coral reefs and more this year!

This year three languages will be part of curricula for the students The three languages offered are Arabic, Korean, and Spanish. 

The students will being going on various trips  to participate in "outdoor classrooms" to learn in different environments such as the Franklin institute.

We will also do overnight museum trips!

Like last year, various colleges such as Elm's College as well as organizations such as Faith Justice Worx and high schools such as Notre Dame and Stuart Country day, will be volunteering in the classrooms and assisting teachers and students; also performing community service).. 

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