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Sprout U prides itself on its academic program. 



School Supplies

Each grade uses a homeschool-like curriculum in which students learn at their own pace.

Differentiation is used in each classroom to best benefit the different learning styles and diverse learning levels.

The arts are also used to enhance the learning experience for the students.

Grade level is not determined by age, but by intellectual level.

If a student is gifted in their academics, we place them in the appropiate grade for their level.

Curriculum is tailored around the wants and needs of the students.

Many students who graduate to other schools are a grade level ahead.

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Testimonial #1:

Sonya and Marina

Sprout U, School of the Arts is an all around awesome place to send your children!

                                                                               -Denise W. March 2015


As parents or guardians we all want what's best for the children. We want an atmosphere for them to learn, grow, feel accepted in and able to express themselves. This is that place, WELCOME!

                                            -Shari L. Feb 2015


I love this school....staff n students...young to old...Great place to get a Great education..

                                                                           -Teaira T.  April, 2014


I love #SSU my kids have only been here since September but I can tell they are learning. . My three year old is very smart thanks to sprout state!! Send your child hear and they will learn as well as be a child! ! Awesome school/teachers

                                                                               -Stephanie S.  Dec. 2013


Love Sprout State and it is developing as well as creating a new standard for teaching our future leaders. It is amazing and the children that have come out of Sprout excel and surpass their peers. Amazing!!!

                                                                                              -Dionne W. DEC. 2013

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