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The Arts

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Sprout U Prides itself on its arts program that allows students to express themselves through the arts using various vehicles to help enhance their learning during the process.
The students engage in music in which they learn how to eat and write it, and are exposed to various genres and languages to promote a more worldly persepctive for the students. They also make their own music and created a cover CD for Disney princess songs which can be found Here
The drama program is also an asset to the Sprout U Curriculum. In Drama, students engage in improvisation exercises, learn about the history behind drama, learn diction, how to project, how to read and write a script and much more.The students also perform in various shows which can be found in the pictures below.

Sprout U is also has a dance elective for the students to participate in. The students start with Ballet to help build the other forms of dance including tap, Jazz, and Hiphop. Students also work on dance projects outside of class, an example of which can be found below. 



McCarter Theatre- A christmas carol

2016 Best Christmas Pageant Ever
A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Sound of Music

The Wiz
Dream Girls
The Wizard of Oz
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