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Bring in the End of the Year by Bringing Us Some Cheer

It's Not Too Late to Make a Difference at Sprout U School of the Arts! Help us reach our goal of $5000.00 with a tax exemption donation.


As we approach the end of the year, I am reaching out to you on behalf of Sprout U School of the Arts. With your support, we can continue to provide a transformative educational experience for our students, helping them grow academically and artistically.


At Sprout U, we are committed to offering a comprehensive education that integrates rigorous academics with the performing arts. Our unique programs are designed to nurture the talents and passions of our students. Additionally, we are dedicated to preserving our historic 100-year-old building and ensuring it remains a safe and inspiring space for our students to learn and create.


We are proud to be the only private performing arts school in the city of Trenton, and our impact is made possible through the generosity of supporters like you. Your contribution will directly benefit our students and the future of the arts in our community.


Please consider making a donation to Sprout U School of the Arts and help us continue our mission. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference.


To learn more about our school and to make a donation, please visit our website at


Thank you for your consideration and for being a part of our community. Your support is truly appreciated.


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