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Izzat mentoring is a program designed for sprout U  students.

The program was created in order to give the students another avenue for achieving academic and personal goals.


The students who participate gain experiences in school as well as on "Mentor Trips". 

The Mentoring trips will resume after the new year, however, the mentoring program is still ongoing!


The program is lead by Ms. Chandler,  a 4.0 GPA College student who is currently in her last college course. 


Here are some of her thoughts on the program.

"Many times students may be apprehensive telling an adult something because they feel as though they won't be taken seriously. Students needs someone to talk to about their thoughts and feelings and I want to be that person".

" The students feel  comfortable talking to me because I can understand them; I can see from their point of view because I am closer in age to their generation than their parents or other adults within their life. I share similar interests with them as well".

" I want to help the students reach high academic goals . There are so many opportunities available for students with high GPA's and I feel I can get the students to see why education is important and motivate them to reach for the stars."

" I am a confidant for many of the students. They tell me their troubles and I try to assist them the best I can. I also assist them with social issues amongst friends and help them to make smarter choices at home and in the classroom."

" I sincerely want to be the person I may have needed at their age."

" A lot of people think that when you reach a certain age, displays of affection should stop. It shouldn't. When the students need a hug, I give them a hug. If they need a hand to hold, I hold their hand. Its reassuring to them knowing that someone cares. I don't mind because some students, even the older ones,  may be missing it within their lives".

Mentoring Trip: The Mall

Mentoring Trip: Barnes and Noble

Mentoring Trip: Five Below & Taco Bell

Mentoring Trip: Civil War Assignment

Mentoring Trip: Essays at Barnes and Noble

Why Do You Do This Program?

I do this program because it is what many of the students need.  Some students have troubles that they have never expressed  and I rather they come to me within the school than looking for an outlet for their emotions somewhere else.


As adults we forget that children are little people: They have their own thoughts and feelings and they too get stressed.

Giving my time to make a difference in their lives will positively affect my own one day. They may the next CEO of a large company or the next MichaelAngelo. The students are capable of many things, however,  they need a guide in the right direction. 

Through the mentoring trips, I want them to explore without judgement and work with each other to build skills and solve issues that may impact them in their adult lives.

So when you see me interacting with a certain group of kids for an extended amount of time or seemingly focusing my attention solely on them,  understand that I'm working with my mentees. We are working to build our skills and they are getting what they need socially and emotionally!

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